Things To Consider When Hiring a Professional House Keeper


The decision to hire a professional housekeeper is a personal decision that takes a lot of time and patience. With that in mind, here are a few tips to consider when deciding to hire a professional house keeper.

Look For Referrals

Choosing a cleaning service is similar to choosing a doctor. If there is some concern about the safety of your home, find some housekeeping services that have references that you can contact.

Phone Interview

Many services will come out and go through your home for a free consultation and estimate. Before they come out to your home, do a phone consultation. Look at what type of products they use.

Have a Walk Through

Once you’ve through about having the housekeeper come out to your home, and you are ready for them to start, you can walk through your home, so you can get an accurate quote based on work, the square feet of your home, and the length of time that they will stay.

Consult Your Family

Go with your instincts. Do not be afraid to ask questions that are important to you. You should feel safe trusting your home and belongings into the hands of the housekeeper.

Review The Housekeeper

A good housekeeper should fold clothes, make up beds, and go above and beyond the usual amount of cleaning.

Freelance Workers vs Companies

Companies are likely to take care of issues such as references, taxes, and insurance. An independent housekeeper may cause you to do more paperwork, but the atmosphere may be better.

Employment Laws

Look at the different employment laws to protect yourself. If your hiring an independent housekeeper, make sure that the person is legally able to work in the United States.

Flat or Hourly Fee

If you decide to pay by the hour, be wary of a housekeeper stretching out a job to earn more money. With a flat rate, there is worry that the housekeeper will rush through their work. Make sure that the decision benefits both parties

Trial Period

Start with a trial period of two weeks to a month. This will give the housekeeper time to see your expectations, and give you an assessment of how good they are.

Set Clear Expectations

Make sure that you let the housekeeper know what is and is not expected in your home. Make a list of what chores will be done with all instructions you may have.

5 Deep Cleaning to do in your Home Before Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, it is imperative to do more than the basic cleaning. Besides, the Christmas season deals with hanging stockings and other decorations, cooking great Christmas meals and desserts, putting up the Christmas tree, and wrapping and storing presents.

With looking at all that goes on during the Christmas Season with the gift wrapping, stocking hangings, and so forth, it is imperative to concentrate on those areas for cleaning. This would include dusting the fireplace before hanging up the stockings, and do the proper cleaning for floors/carpets before wrapping the presents, for instance.

Of course, cleaning the house in general is always vital; however, the following includes five deep cleaning areas to focus in your home before Christmas:

1. Floors/Carpets

A good mopping/vacuuming is always in order especially before putting up that Christmas tree and getting down on the floor to wrap and store presents. It will also be embarrassingly apparent when guests come over if your floor and carpets are not cleaned. In some cases, carpet shampooing may be needed especially if it hasn’t been done in a while, or there are soiled areas.

2. Ceilings

A feather duster or a vacuum’s brush head is great for swiping ceilings. It will get rid of any cobwebs. Also, even though this may not seem apparent to the naked eye, it can be visibly seen with tree toppers and twinkle lights that draw the eyes upward.

3. Kitchen

The kitchen, especially, is the most important of them all. This is where the cooking is done. So, basically everything need to be thoroughly cleaned in the kitchen. The ceilings, walls, silver polishing, ironing of table linens, floors, dish washing, stovetop, oven, etc. require great attention and care. The walls may need to be washed before and after the cooking due to food splatter.

4. Dusting

Dusting surfaces from the fireplace to tables need to be done. Dust particles are almost always present causing allergens and embarrassment when inviting over guests.

5. Closets

From hanging up the guests coats to having room to store presents, the closets must be clear of unnecessary clutter and must be organized. The closet floor may also need to be vacuumed or swept. Even though the closets are normally closed off to guests, the inside can still be seen when opening closets to hang up and get coats.

The Finest Methods For Dusting Your Home

Dusting your home should not be an ordeal, but you may run across problems that cause difficulty while cleaning. You do not have hours and hours to devote to cleaning your home, and you may use a few tips that will make the house cleaner. This article offers a few pointers that will make cleaning a simpler process for you as a homeowner.

#1: Dust In Intervals

You need not dust the entirety of your house at once. Dusting everything at the same time takes far too long, and the process will become so laborious that you stop ofter a few weeks. Your home cleaning may be split into a schedule that is far more manageable, and you will find yourself cleaning happily every day for a few spare moments.

#2: Write Up A Schedule

Dusting the ceiling once a week is simpler than dusting every day. Dusting the furniture twice a week will keep the dust away, and dusting unoccupied rooms once a month will prevent buildup. You may split the chores among other members of your household, and you will find yourself cleaning for a few minutes every day while someone else in the family cleans another part of the house. Your life is simplified with the schedule, and the house remains clean.

#3: Use A Proper Duster

A proper feather duster will wick away the dust on your furniture and walls without forcing the dust to fly around the room. You do not want the dust in the air as it will come back in other parts of the house. The proper duster you purchase will cost a few more dollars than a standard duster, but it will last a lifetime.

#4: Do Not Dust Aggressively

You cannot dust aggressively and expect the dust to stick to your duster. You will force the dust into the air, and it will stick to something new. You will push the dust along to a new location without cleaning it up, and your home will not be any cleaner. You must imagine dusting with a light wrist, and you will pick up dust with the duster that would fly away in any other case.

Dusting your home must not become an ordeal that you do not undertake every week. Create a schedule you may use for your family’s chores, and you will see the home freed of dust every week.

Five Reasons Why You Should Hire A Water Damage Specialist

In a water disaster, many homeowners feel that they should begin the cleanup themselves, but there are some strong reasons why that is not such a good idea.

  1. Many times the homeowner is not aware of the potential dangers involved such as hidden live power sources, contaminants in the water, and possible physical danger from falling and debris in the water.
    2. Most insurance companies will cover most of the emergency clean up procedure and the more professional water damage companies have software that specializes in itemizing the estimate for the insurance company.
    3. The homeowner could expose himself to mold, which quickly begins to grow whenever there is a flooded situation in a home. Mold and mildew can form and grow very quickly, and the homeowner will not have the experience or the protective equipment to protect himself in these circumstances.
    The homeowner will not, as a rule, have the necessary equipment to do a thorough job. Items such as heavy duty pumps to clear the water from the area is a must. High speed fans and drying equipment is used to dry the area thoroughly, and then dehumidify the area completely. The the pieces of equipment that will really restore the are not usually found in the homeowner’s inventory, or even at the local tool rental shop.
    4. The homeowner will not know how to find mold behind the walls, under the floor joists, and behind the dry wall. The water restoration company will have special detection equipment for this.
    5. The homeowner will not have the sophisticated cleaning and sanitizing equipment that is necessary to sterilize the area from germs, bacteria, mold, mildew, raw sewage, and other pathogens. The entire area must be make perfectly clean, or these organisms and mold will resurface later.

The homeowner may feel that he can do the job, but odds are he can’t to the degree that is needed.

5 Tips to Keeping Your Rugs Healthy and Lasting Longer

Rugs are an easy way to make a room look put together, but this decorating accent can be a little tricky to clean. Just vacuuming it is not always enough to take care of your rug, and it can be hard to get rid of set in stains. Use these easy tips to keep your rug or carpet looking new and spotless for years.

Protect Your Rug
Any furniture that sits on a rug can damage the weave of your rug, so it is important to take preventative measures. Use plastic or felt pads to keep tables and chairs from harming your carpet. If possible, try to keep from walking on the carpet wearing shoes, especially dirty shoes or high heels.

Hang It Outside
On a dry sunny day, hang your rug up outside on a clothing line. The heat generated from direct sunlight will kill dust mites that can otherwise live in your rug, and the fresh air will help to lift any odors out of the rug naturally.

Get It Professionally Cleaned
If you notice your rug looking particularly dingy, a professional rug cleaning service can help to restore your rug. A cleaning company will have special equipment that can get out any stains in your rug without damaging the color or fibers. Experts recommend that you take it in for a deep cleaning once a year.

Spot Clean As Soon As Possible
If you spill anything on your rug, try to clean it up quickly before the stain can penetrate into the fibers of the rug. Use warm soapy water to gently blot any grime. Do not scrub or rub a stain because that just pushes it farther into the rug.

Be Careful With Chemical Cleaners
If you have a set stain that will not go away with basic cleaning, it might be time to try a rug cleaning solution. Get a cleaner that is recommended for the type of material your carpet is made from. Before covering your rug in the cleaner, drop a tiny amount on an unseen part of the carpet to make sure it will not bleach or damage the rug.

Five Ways Pet Odor in Carpet and Furniture Affects Your Health

Keeping the carpets clean in your home is very important when you have pets, and there are a lot of things you can do to keep the carpets clean. You will learn how to manage the carpets if you work with the right carpet cleaner, and you need to make sure that you have tried all five of these options to make your life easier. You will have a cleaner house, and the air in the house will always smell clean.

Get Them Cleaned On A Schedule

Getting your carpets cleaned on a schedule is much easier because you will be able to have them come out to make sure that the carpets cleaned. They just show up, and they will keep the carpets clean for you. You can schedule in any interval you want, and you need to make sure that you have a schedule that works for your family.

Get Them Cleaned Often

You need to make sure that you have some help cleaning the carpets that will come more regularly. You can check the state of your carpets, and you can get them cleaned the second that you know there is a need. You can easily get someone to come in to help you when you know there is enough going on that you need to get them cleaned now.

Use Pet Shampoo On The Carpet

You can use a special pet shampoo on the carpet that will help get rid of the odor, and you can purchase it from the carpet cleaner so you have it in the house. The carpet cleaner will use it when they show up to your house, and you need to make sure that you have the pet shampoo on the carpet instead of using regular shampoo.

Purchase Extra Cleaner From The Carpet Company

Purchase extra cleaner from the carpet company so that you will have it in the house, and you need to ask them how to use it when you purchase it. There are a lot of people who can get their own cleaning done, and then there will not be a problem between when you have the spill and the time the carpet cleaner comes to your house. There are a lot of things you can take care of on your own, and you need to make sure that your family knows how to use the cleaners you bought from the carpet cleaning company.

Vacuum Extra Pet Hair

Vacuum up pet hair in your home when you notice that there is too much, and you should be sure that you try that once a week so that it does not build up. The stuff that has been dug into the carpet will release more allergens into the air, and you will use the carpet cleaner to make your carpets look clean. Their job will be much easier, and you will not have to deal with the pet dander. More Info at: Carpet Cleaning Bradenton FL site

How Carpet Cleaning Reduces Asthma and Allergies


Allergies and asthma often have hidden triggers hidden in the home. Carpeting is often to blame because allergens easily collect in the fibers. These allergens can become airborne again anytime the carpet is disturbed. Thorough, professional cleaning is the best way to keep your family safe. Here is more about how getting your carpets professionally cleaned will reduce allergies and asthma.

Common Allergens in Carpets

• Dust Mites: Dust mites are microscopic bugs that feed off dead skin cells, pet dander and other materials found in household dust. . Many people are allergic to proteins found in dust mite waste products. Carpet fibers attract dust, which can embed deep down into the carpet pad. This makes carpets an ideal haven for dust mites. Vacuuming reduces dust mite populations slightly, but not nearly enough to prevent allergic reactions or even asthma.

• Pollen: Pollen is tracked into the home on shoes, clothing and through open doors or windows. It settles on carpeting and it can become airborne when disturbed. Tree pollen and ragweed are some of the most common allergens responsible for itchy eyes, coughing and sneezing. When carpets are not cleaned, they will continue to collect allergens like pollen and contribute to allergy problems in your home.

• Mold Spores: Mold spores are common in most environments. They can easily float in air and land on surfaces unseen. If conditions are humid enough, the spores will begin to grow and produce more mold. Mold is a very common source of respiratory allergies. The fungus requires only a little dampness and a natural food supply, such as cellulose fibers, to thrive. This means that mold can begin to grow in a carpet pad or on the carpet fibers.

• Pet Dander: Pet dander simply means dead skin that flakes off from your pet. Some people are allergic to pet dander. If you have pets in the home, chances are high that pet dander has collected in your carpets.

How Professional Cleaning Helps

Vacuuming or using store-bought shampoo sprays rarely removes all allergens from carpets. Professional cleaners use top-notch tools and cleaning products to clean your carpet deep down. Allergens such as mold, pollen, dander and dust mite particles are no match for professional cleaning solutions and methods.

If you or your family members suffer from allergies, you owe it to yourself to schedule regular carpet cleanings. Your home’s air quality will improve and you’ll no longer have to worry about allergens lurking in your carpet.

Qualities of a Professional Window Cleaning Company


Window cleaning is a necessary service for both homes and businesses. Windows that are exposed to the outdoors and weather will collect dust, dirt and grime. Having them cleaned a few times per year will keep them looking like new. Before hiring a window cleaning company, the following points should be considered.

Licensed Company
A business must have a license to operate. It should also have insurance and any other required credentials. The window cleaning company should also have excellent references and a good reputation in the community. Most businesses have a website that can be checked for customer reviews. The reviews should be at least 90 percent positive. The company should provide free estimates and offer to redo any unsatisfactory job.

Green Materials
A responsible window cleaning company will use green products. These will protect their workers and customers. Green products work just as well as standard ones and help keep the environment clean as well. They do not contain odors or other offensive compounds that could be harmful to the health of people or animals. Green products do not cause allergies or skin irritations, which makes them safe to use around children.

Experienced Workers
The workers who clean the windows should be trained with the skills to do the job well. They should understand the materials and be able to expertly handle ladders and other equipment such as buckets and squeegees. The workers should also respect the safety and privacy of the customer at all times and use care around the customer’s home, yard and vehicles as they do the job. They should clean up after themselves when the job has been completed and use courtesy when speaking to the customer.

Great Results
After a professional cleaning, windows should not have any stains or dirt at the bottom. They should appear to sparkle in the sunlight, and there should be no damage. The company should be willing to walk through the job with the customer. If anything is wrong, it should be taken care of immediately at no extra cost. A good company will always make sure the customer is happy.

While professional window cleaning is necessary, it does not have to be difficult or scary. The business should be licensed, insured, experienced and have excellent references and reviews. Calling companies, asking questions and getting estimates will help to make the final decision.  Commercial Services:



It seems there is a large percentage of people who believe that keeping a carpet clean/sanitary is impossible and that, therefore, carpet contributes to a lower indoor environment and air quality. This belief often leads to the removal of carpet from schools, health care facilities and other public buildings. It is true that dirty or unsanitary carpets can cause many health problems within buildings making it hard to argue that indoor carpet can actually be the better option from hardwood.

Studies shown that using ineffective equipment when vacuuming or cleaning your carpet does not reduce the level of fine particles. In fact, particles of less than one micron can pass through the vacuum cleaning bags, and tend to build up over time causing harm when they penetrate deep into our lungs.

There have been many studies done on the subject of carpeting vs. hardwood. One such study covered 23 countries looking at individuals that had carpeted and non-carpeted bedrooms. This study revealed that those with carpeted bedrooms had lower allergic reactions to contaminates in the air.

George Heuvelman is the owner and founder of Enviroclean of Illinois, Inc. has been cleaning carpeting and flooring for roughly 27 years. He has invented and patented numerous devices to clean carpets, landscape, and even medical devices. According to him, people have been incorrectly informed about how unhealthy and unsanitary carpeting really is. There are many unhealthy microscopic contaminates in our homes including dead skin cells from humans and animals, dust mites, bacteria, the spores of mold and pollen and lint, silica, quartz and clay.

A filter that is able to trap these sorts of contaminates would be ideal, and carpeting works as just such a filter, trapping and holding the germs, thereby removing them from the air where they can hurt us most. In fact, with hardwood floors, regular cleaning can make an already unhealthy condition worse since the actions required to clean disturb microscopic germs resting on the floor, causing them to become airborne again. Mold spores in particular become airborne with the slightest disturbance (such as the movement or air made by a broom or a person walking by).

You may think having a professional carpet cleaner come in is the best solution, and it can be. Unfortunately, most carpet cleaners rinse the carpeting with soaps, chemicals and brightening agents, which actually intensify the problem by “masking” the contamination. So, the next time you’re thinking of having your carpets cleaned, do your research to find the best company for the job.  Check Out More Info at Carpet Cleaning Brighton MI site

8 tips for homeowners to help with choosing carpet for their homes


Carpeting can make an ideal surface in any room. Carpets are soft underfoot, help reduce noise and add color to a room. Many kinds of carpeting materials are also durable and capable of standing up to years of use even in heavily trafficked areas. Finding the best possible carpeting for any room is a task that can be made much easier by following a few simple tips.

Consider the Purpose of the Room

A room that gets a lot of foot traffic will need to have different carpeting than a room that is only used once or twice a week. Look for heavy duty carpeting in rooms where people go in and out each day such as an entrance hall. Use more delicate carpets in a dining room.

Choose Color Carefully

Carpeting is an ideal way to add color to any space. Use bold colors in a room with lots of pale colors and softer shades in areas dominated by darker shades.

Think About the Rooms Nearby

Any carpet choice should take into consideration the kind of flooring used in nearby rooms. Carpeting a floor in a single kind of carpeting can help make the space look bigger and feel more unified.

Take a Sample Home

Many companies provide customers with a small strip of carpeting they can take home. Take advantage of this fact if you are torn between two different kinds of carpeting to find the one you like best.

Decide How Big The Carpeting Should Be

You may to cover the entire room in the house or just choose to cover a single part of it to help create texture and color.

Feel the Texture of the Carpeting First

Some types of carpeting are softer than other kinds of carpeting. Consider installing soft carpeting in a space where you are likely to be barefoot on a frequent basis. Use carpeting with areas such as right next to the house entrance where people usually come inside with shoes.

Consider Carpet Height

Some kind of carpeting are higher in height than other kinds of carpet. A thinner carpet pile might be better in one room than in another.

Look For Carpet That Just Feels Right

Many people know the instant the see a particular kind of carpet that this is the right carpet to buy. Trust you instincts when buying carpeting. You know your own needs and wants best.

More Info On Keeping those carpets healthy and lasting longer:  Carpet Cleaning Fort Worth TX