5 Deep Cleaning to do in your Home Before Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, it is imperative to do more than the basic cleaning. Besides, the Christmas season deals with hanging stockings and other decorations, cooking great Christmas meals and desserts, putting up the Christmas tree, and wrapping and storing presents.

With looking at all that goes on during the Christmas Season with the gift wrapping, stocking hangings, and so forth, it is imperative to concentrate on those areas for cleaning. This would include dusting the fireplace before hanging up the stockings, and do the proper cleaning for floors/carpets before wrapping the presents, for instance.

Of course, cleaning the house in general is always vital; however, the following includes five deep cleaning areas to focus in your home before Christmas:

1. Floors/Carpets

A good mopping/vacuuming is always in order especially before putting up that Christmas tree and getting down on the floor to wrap and store presents. It will also be embarrassingly apparent when guests come over if your floor and carpets are not cleaned. In some cases, carpet shampooing may be needed especially if it hasn’t been done in a while, or there are soiled areas.

2. Ceilings

A feather duster or a vacuum’s brush head is great for swiping ceilings. It will get rid of any cobwebs. Also, even though this may not seem apparent to the naked eye, it can be visibly seen with tree toppers and twinkle lights that draw the eyes upward.

3. Kitchen

The kitchen, especially, is the most important of them all. This is where the cooking is done. So, basically everything need to be thoroughly cleaned in the kitchen. The ceilings, walls, silver polishing, ironing of table linens, floors, dish washing, stovetop, oven, etc. require great attention and care. The walls may need to be washed before and after the cooking due to food splatter.

4. Dusting

Dusting surfaces from the fireplace to tables need to be done. Dust particles are almost always present causing allergens and embarrassment when inviting over guests.

5. Closets

From hanging up the guests coats to having room to store presents, the closets must be clear of unnecessary clutter and must be organized. The closet floor may also need to be vacuumed or swept. Even though the closets are normally closed off to guests, the inside can still be seen when opening closets to hang up and get coats.