8 tips for homeowners to help with choosing carpet for their homes


Carpeting can make an ideal surface in any room. Carpets are soft underfoot, help reduce noise and add color to a room. Many kinds of carpeting materials are also durable and capable of standing up to years of use even in heavily trafficked areas. Finding the best possible carpeting for any room is a task that can be made much easier by following a few simple tips.

Consider the Purpose of the Room

A room that gets a lot of foot traffic will need to have different carpeting than a room that is only used once or twice a week. Look for heavy duty carpeting in rooms where people go in and out each day such as an entrance hall. Use more delicate carpets in a dining room.

Choose Color Carefully

Carpeting is an ideal way to add color to any space. Use bold colors in a room with lots of pale colors and softer shades in areas dominated by darker shades.

Think About the Rooms Nearby

Any carpet choice should take into consideration the kind of flooring used in nearby rooms. Carpeting a floor in a single kind of carpeting can help make the space look bigger and feel more unified.

Take a Sample Home

Many companies provide customers with a small strip of carpeting they can take home. Take advantage of this fact if you are torn between two different kinds of carpeting to find the one you like best.

Decide How Big The Carpeting Should Be

You may to cover the entire room in the house or just choose to cover a single part of it to help create texture and color.

Feel the Texture of the Carpeting First

Some types of carpeting are softer than other kinds of carpeting. Consider installing soft carpeting in a space where you are likely to be barefoot on a frequent basis. Use carpeting with areas such as right next to the house entrance where people usually come inside with shoes.

Consider Carpet Height

Some kind of carpeting are higher in height than other kinds of carpet. A thinner carpet pile might be better in one room than in another.

Look For Carpet That Just Feels Right

Many people know the instant the see a particular kind of carpet that this is the right carpet to buy. Trust you instincts when buying carpeting. You know your own needs and wants best.

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