It seems there is a large percentage of people who believe that keeping a carpet clean/sanitary is impossible and that, therefore, carpet contributes to a lower indoor environment and air quality. This belief often leads to the removal of carpet from schools, health care facilities and other public buildings. It is true that dirty or unsanitary carpets can cause many health problems within buildings making it hard to argue that indoor carpet can actually be the better option from hardwood.

Studies shown that using ineffective equipment when vacuuming or cleaning your carpet does not reduce the level of fine particles. In fact, particles of less than one micron can pass through the vacuum cleaning bags, and tend to build up over time causing harm when they penetrate deep into our lungs.

There have been many studies done on the subject of carpeting vs. hardwood. One such study covered 23 countries looking at individuals that had carpeted and non-carpeted bedrooms. This study revealed that those with carpeted bedrooms had lower allergic reactions to contaminates in the air.

George Heuvelman is the owner and founder of Enviroclean of Illinois, Inc. has been cleaning carpeting and flooring for roughly 27 years. He has invented and patented numerous devices to clean carpets, landscape, and even medical devices. According to him, people have been incorrectly informed about how unhealthy and unsanitary carpeting really is. There are many unhealthy microscopic contaminates in our homes including dead skin cells from humans and animals, dust mites, bacteria, the spores of mold and pollen and lint, silica, quartz and clay.

A filter that is able to trap these sorts of contaminates would be ideal, and carpeting works as just such a filter, trapping and holding the germs, thereby removing them from the air where they can hurt us most. In fact, with hardwood floors, regular cleaning can make an already unhealthy condition worse since the actions required to clean disturb microscopic germs resting on the floor, causing them to become airborne again. Mold spores in particular become airborne with the slightest disturbance (such as the movement or air made by a broom or a person walking by).

You may think having a professional carpet cleaner come in is the best solution, and it can be. Unfortunately, most carpet cleaners rinse the carpeting with soaps, chemicals and brightening agents, which actually intensify the problem by “masking” the contamination. So, the next time you’re thinking of having your carpets cleaned, do your research to find the best company for the job.  Check Out More Info at Carpet Cleaning Brighton MI site