Qualities of a Professional Window Cleaning Company


Window cleaning is a necessary service for both homes and businesses. Windows that are exposed to the outdoors and weather will collect dust, dirt and grime. Having them cleaned a few times per year will keep them looking like new. Before hiring a window cleaning company, the following points should be considered.

Licensed Company
A business must have a license to operate. It should also have insurance and any other required credentials. The window cleaning company should also have excellent references and a good reputation in the community. Most businesses have a website that can be checked for customer reviews. The reviews should be at least 90 percent positive. The company should provide free estimates and offer to redo any unsatisfactory job.

Green Materials
A responsible window cleaning company will use green products. These will protect their workers and customers. Green products work just as well as standard ones and help keep the environment clean as well. They do not contain odors or other offensive compounds that could be harmful to the health of people or animals. Green products do not cause allergies or skin irritations, which makes them safe to use around children.

Experienced Workers
The workers who clean the windows should be trained with the skills to do the job well. They should understand the materials and be able to expertly handle ladders and other equipment such as buckets and squeegees. The workers should also respect the safety and privacy of the customer at all times and use care around the customer’s home, yard and vehicles as they do the job. They should clean up after themselves when the job has been completed and use courtesy when speaking to the customer.

Great Results
After a professional cleaning, windows should not have any stains or dirt at the bottom. They should appear to sparkle in the sunlight, and there should be no damage. The company should be willing to walk through the job with the customer. If anything is wrong, it should be taken care of immediately at no extra cost. A good company will always make sure the customer is happy.

While professional window cleaning is necessary, it does not have to be difficult or scary. The business should be licensed, insured, experienced and have excellent references and reviews. Calling companies, asking questions and getting estimates will help to make the final decision.  Commercial Services:  http://baumcleaning.com/services/commercial-office-cleaning/